Artwork Guidelines

E-mail artwork to: 



All art is subject to factory approval. MORCO is now entirely producing orders using digital files.

The information on this page is to assist in preparing artwork for MORCO. The imprint method and the ad panel size (width x height) on each MORCO product is listed with each item. Distributors will be notified if an art charge applies to their submitted artwork, the reason for that charge and their options.


Misc. Info

  • PDF files can’t be used as art unless they can be converted to an .ai file without any link or font problems.
  • Most Copy, Art, Logos & Photos in magazines or books are copyrighted. Never submit photos or artwork that is not the property of your customers.
  • We make every attempt to convert PC generated artwork to usable MAC art. We cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies that may occur when documents are opened by our MAC version programs.
  • Some PMS colors can’t be reproduced using Four color process. We will come as close as possible to the PMS color specified.


Four Color - Direct Screen, Digital

The best way to submit art is to send computer art on CD or e-mail attachments. See Choosing the proper program section. We can also work from high quality color photos and preprinted material. Digital printing requires a customer approved color reference along with all files for color matching.

Note: The ad panel and bleed dimensions are different sizes.

Note: Exact PMS match may not be possible on full color digital printing.


Choosing the proper program to create your art files

Please note: We use Macintosh Computer platform.

Artwork & Logos

Use Illustrator CS6
  • For logos & computer drawn line art using vector lines.
  • For simple typesetting. Note: convert type to outlines.
  • Export other vector drawing program files (i.e. CorelDraw) to an .ai Illustrator file. Make sure compatibility is set to Macintosh and text is exported as curves or paths.
  • Save format as .ai not .eps

NOTE: A scanned image or logo placed into Illustrator and saved as .ai or .eps is not a true vector art file and can’t be used as art. To convert these type of files will incur an art charge.

Page Layout

Use InDesign CS6
  • For extensive type layout with graphics included.
  • You MUST send copies of all fonts used in the job.
  • You MUST send copies of ALL imported or placed graphics (i.e. logos, line art, photos, scans, etc.).


Use PhotoShop CS6
  • For B&W or Color photos placed into other programs.
  • For Morcolor or Digital Color imprinting, photo resolution should be to at least 600 pixels per inch.
  • For high resolution scans that would be used as 1 color imprints, set resolution at 1200 pixels per inch.
  • Quality is best if PhotoShop is not used for logos or text. Usually, we will need to redraw these in Illustrator. This conversion will incur an art charge.
  • Always send a layered file vs. a flat file.
  • Save format as layered .psd or .eps not .tif

Sending Art Via E-mail or Disk

Upload artwork here or send artwork artwork attachments to
  1. A hard copy or PDF of the Complete imprint must accompany the file(s).
  2. Make sure your e-mail is marked with your name, company name, state and phone number. The name of your project or P.O. number should be typed in the subject area of your e-mail message.
  3. “Stuff” or “Zip” large files or groups of files that are over 5mb in size.
  4. Send copies of all fonts (screen, postscript & truetype) used. Outline all fonts in Illustrator.
  5. Digital photo resolution should be to at least 600 ppi. High resolution scans that would be used as 1 color imprints, set resolution at 1200 ppi.
  6. Assign PMS numbers when possible or note when we can use our standard colors, see page 54 for standard printing colors.
  7. To e-mail large files, log on to or
When sending art on a disk:

The same instructions apply as in sending art via E-mail with the following additions;

  1. Send a copy of your files on disk,
    Disk formats we can use: CD, DVD
  2. Pack disk in a rigid envelope & mark outside
    “Magnetic Media.”
    All media will be returned when order is finished.

Upload artwork here or send artwork to:


Product Safety

Morco makes every effort to ensure the safety of our products. However, we ask our consumers to use our products as they are intended to be used. There are no anticipated health effects from out products under normal use conditions.


Prop 65 Surcharge

To ensure compliance with Proposition 65, products entering the State of California must include the following warning label attached to each MORCO item for $.20(G) each.


Warning label:

Chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm can be present in de minimim amounts in products sold by MORCO.

Mineral Spirits are contained in "de minimim" amount in our thermometers.



Logos, trademarks or other graphics on products in this catalog do NOT imply endorsement of our products by their owners.  They are only meant to illustrate our imprinting capabilities. No products are “sold” with a company or organization’s art without their written authorization.